Kuta Tour Lombok

Kuta Tour Lombok

Culture trips to amazing unique Southwest Lombok island

Culture trips Lombok create full-day to Southwest Lombok island. During your long holiday you will have experience to see unique culture and beautiful pristine white sand beach.

On of the best destination visiting weaving village, to know how they can made the weaving with traditional tools and 100% hand made from coloring, motive and style. You will not found these skill in your country, when all women in these villages should understand about weaving art.


Culture trips Lombok island
Progress of traditional weaving

Another village are unique, Banyumulek village. Almost all people on these village work at clay craft, their skill are amazing as well. All progress done by traditional process made Banyumulek village famous with clay craft.

Culture trips Lombok island
process of clay craft

The last amazing culture destination, you will visiting traditional village of Sade or Rambitan. Whole house architecture very natural, the wall from clay, wooden and roof from grass or coconut leaves design low roof, make everybody should bend if they want to enter the house. That mean people should respect each others.

Sade traditional village

Next destination you will enjoy beautiful beach of Kuta and Selong Belanak. Kuta beach with large grain sand and Selong Belanak soft white sand.

What time the Culture trips Lombok start?

The Culture trips Lombok will starts at 8:30AM and return in the early evening, around 5 or 6 PM.  At last you’ll have time to enjoy the beauty of Selong Belanak Beach, where you can go surfing, walk or jog on its fine white sand or simple spend some relaxing time on the beach.

Place to visit :

  • Visit to the Banyumulek pottery village
  • Visit to the Sukarare weaving village
  • Visit to Sade / Rambitan Sasak traditional house
  • Visit to Kuta Beach
  • Visit to Selong Belanak Beach

Price: US$45/person (minimum of 2 persons)

Price is inclusive of:
•    Air conditioned car
•    English-speaking guide / driver
•    Mineral water
•    Local guide
•    Parking fee
•    Entrance fee (donation)

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