Lombok Camari Dog Shelter

Lombok dog shelter, rescue,s and help homeless dogs

Currently, the government cannot control the growth of the dog population in Lombok. Of course, this is very worrying for many parties.

One of the concerns is the spread of canine diseases such as rabies. Before has been a mass murder by poisoning stray dogs. This invites the concern of many people, especially animal lovers

One of the dog shelters in West Lombok is Lombok Camari, which is located in Kampung Duduk. Among the shelter on Lombok island, Lombok Camari shelter has very poor facilities.

We are Nayaka Surf school care and want to help the shelter, and support Lombok Camari by buying dog food.

Lombok dog shelter

The program that we have recently carried out is to make a simple shelter, it will help them to take care of all the dogs such vaccines, giving food and cleaning them.

Lombok Camari Dog shelter is assisted by veterinarians by providing a cheaper price but still, costs are needed for the care of dogs in the shelter.

The most important thing is the vaccine and female sterility so that the dog population can be suppressed

Not only helped to buy dog ​​food and make shelters, but we also rescued a lot of puppies that were thrown away by people.

Lombok dog shelter - rescue puppies

We invite you to join us and help rescue and protect animals.

Lombok Camari instagram @lombokcamari ( https://www.instagram.com/lombokcamari/)

To support Lombok Camary you can take a look at the link below: https://kitabisa.com/campaign/bantuanjingterlantarlombok 

or if you wish to make a donation for Lombok Camari we help to pass it by sending it to our PayPal at donations@nayakasurfschool.com

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