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Nayaka Surf School Lombok

Nayaka surf school was founded in 2012 with the company name PT. RISFAM LOMBOK TOURISM. The name of “NAYAKA ” comes from the Sanskrit language which means “SOLDIER”

It is our mission to ensure safety and comfort during your vacation with us, especially on the island of Lombok and the island of Fores.

We have a team that consists of dedicated, young and qualified professional surf instructors, all graduated from the Lombok Tourism Department School.

Our instructors have a lot of experience teaching people how to surf and will make sure you have a great time catching the waves. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate surfer, our team will help you to improve your skills! Furthermore, we’ll ensure that you have fun and stay safe while surfing with us.

nayaka surf school


  1. When you choose to enroll at Nayaka Surf School, you become one of our donors. Some of your contributions will be spend in providing educational support to orphan children and dogs shelter to help homeless dogs
  2. We are is a licensed and a legal company.
  3. Nayaka Surf School is a family where we share experiences, improve our surf skills and, most important, have fun.
  4. We have professional and experienced instructors who all graduated from the Lombok Tourism Department School and are qualified to teach surfing.
  5. Nayaka Coach and Analysis Team takes full control in overseeing your improvement from levels 2 to 3.
  6. We provide a full set of equipment, wet suit/shirt and long pants/shorts, to protect you from sunburn, and booties/water shoes, to protect your feet, since Senggigi area has reef breaks. The good quality surf boards we provide are available in many sizes.
  7. We provide insurance, First Aid kits and lifeguards to make sure that our students are safe.
  8. And last but not least: we offer Video Coaching by using Go Pro and Nikon.
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