Mount Rinjani Lombok

Mount Rinjani Lombok island 3,726 metres above sea level

Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia after mount Kerinci on Sumatra. A Mount Rinjani trekking tour is not for novice hikers or casual travellers, good stamina is needed and exercise before climbing.

At 3,726 metres above sea level, Mount Rinjani looms large over the entire island of Lombok in Indonesia. It is this power that draws hundreds of intrepid climbers to Rinjani every day.

mount rinjani lombok
Incredible view of the lake from crater rim

There are several routes on Rinjani. The three main routes are the following: from Sembalun Lawang on the eastern side, from Senaru on the northern side and from the Torean trekking route on the middle side of the mountain.

Sembalun Trek route

Trekking route through savanna meadows with gentle winds, with climbs and descents that will be encountered along the Sembalun route.

The rugged hills and stunning views help relieve fatigue, unlike the covered tropical rainforest on the Senaru route. From POS 2 to POS 3, climbing is still manageable. The challenge for the Sembalun route is from POS 3 to POS Extra, because the uphill slope can sometimes be 50 degrees.

mount rinjani
Spectacular grass savanna view Sembalun trek route

Senaru Trek Route

This route offers a cool hiking trail. The first part of the journey is through the tropical rainforest. Watch and listen to langurs, or black monkeys, swinging through the trees in the early morning hours.

From post 2 at an altitude of 1,500 m to post 3 at an altitude of 2,000 m, we will pass through a very dense tropical forest. From post 3 to the crater Rim of Senaru, the stunning scenery will be seen as an encouragement to keep going.

Torean Trek Route

New trekking route from Torean village 40 minutes from Senaru village, West Lombok. The Torean trekking route is very popular for trekkers who want to go straight to the lake on the same day.

The path is flatter than the Senaru or Sembalun trails, but the trekking path is longer than other trekking routes. The total journey takes about 9 hours, from the starting point to the lake camp area. The trails are great and fantastic

mount rinjani

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