Surf for charity and education support

Education support, help orphan children, together we can save more lives.

Some of your contributions will be spend in providing educational support to orphan children.

You will be a part of the donors if you book our service, we will spend some of the contribution to support education. Trough Nayaka surf school you support their education.

Our mission is to help some school children’s whose parents are less able to support their children’s school to always go to school. We will use it for the cost of education such as buying textbooks, stationery and school uniforms. We will also use it for other school purposes.

Education support
Help parents are less able to support their children’s school

Hopefully we can help the children’s drop out of school to continue the school in accordance with the ideals of the children’s.

Its not only support for education and stop, we also help homeless dog because no one able to do it in Lombok island. Many homeless dog found on the street since babies. No one care about it so we collect them and put it in animal sitter and feed thems as we can.

Homeless dogs
Feeding homeless dogs

Register to one of our donor for education ? or donation for dogs without adopting?

Together we can save more lives.

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