Lombok Island is well known for its amazing surf spots, so why keep yourself restricted to only one? Join us in Nayaka Surf School and let’s learn how to surf at multiple spots with different types of waves through our special Beginner Surf Trips in Lombok!

Don’t want to see the different surf spots Lombok has to offer, but simply want to learn how to surf at Senggigi Beach? Click here.

During the first lesson of the Lombok Surf Trips we will teach you the basics of surfing:

  • Water safety
  • Surfing etiquette
  • Wave dynamics
  • Paddling a surfboard effectively
  • Body positioning
  • Catch waves, and
  • Stand up on your surf board and ride that wave!

Furthermore, in the following surf lessons, you will learn how to:

  •  Paddle a surfboard
  •  Choose and catch the best waves to surf
  •  Recognize and avoid dangers while surfing
  •  Enter and exit the surf zone
  •  Stand up on a surfboard
  •  Drop in and ride a wave
  •  Apply proper surfing etiquette and safety rules
  •  Recognize different surfboard designs and functions
  •  Read the waves


beginner surf trips

In each of our surf lessons, we will focus on a particular aspects. However, our Beginner Surf Lessons emphasize safety and the basic surfing fundamentals.

As the ocean can be scary and overwhelming for some beginning surfers, the all-important foundations of paddling, body positioning, water safety and surfing etiquette are initially discussed on the beach.

Then, we take our guests to a good spot with small waves, like surfing coves, to help you catch your first waves easily and safely! Our ever-patient surf instructors will be with you in the water at all times to prove you with constant feedback.

In this way, you will improve faster and gain confidence and awareness to surf by yourself as soon as possible.

In Nayaka Surf School we have qualified and experienced surf instructors, dedicated to make learning how to surf safe and, most importantly, a great experience!

Price per person USD 50/ person, minimum of 2 persons to BOOK:

Price includes:

  • Surf board rental (soft board to intermediate board, 7’6 long)
  • Surf instructor
  • Wet suite 
  • Booties
  • Board shorts
  • Transport (including pick up service in Senggigi area)
  • Mineral water
  • First aid kits
  • Inbound travel insurance
  • Government tax

We will send you the details about the pick up service one day before the surf trip via email or WhatsApp +6281246401009.

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